Are You Password Protected?

I attended church on Sunday, and the pastor preached a sermon titled “Password to Spiritual Victory”.  He used the analogy of us needing a password in order for us to access everything.  God made it so easy for us to access him, and we don’t need a password to access him!  All we have to do is accept Jesus as our Lord and personal savior and surrender our will to him to have spiritual victory.  You don’t have to sign-up for an email list, you don’t have to create an account and you don’t have to create a password to have access to His eternal love, blessings, grace and mercy.  How great is that!

As you know, we need a password to access our personal, medical, financial and other types of information.  As soon as the pastor stated we need passwords for everything, I immediately thought about us as women and our teenage girls who give degrading music, negative and drama filled reality tv shows, drama queens and controlling men, negativity, physical and verbal abuse, fornication, etc. access to our space, spirit, time, finances, mind and/or body without any requirements.  Why?

Why do we not require more of ourselves and others?  Why do we give so much of ourselves so freely to things and people that do not add value to our lives?  We live in a society where theft and fraud are prevalent; therefore, we take precautions to protect our identity, password protect our cell phones, and password protect our medical and financial account information, but we don’t do our due diligence to password protect our hearts, spirit, minds and body.  We should protect this one temple God created.

Our bodies belong to God, and we should be a living sacrifice for Him.  Read 1 Corinthians 6:18-20, and think about the things you have given access to which defiles or create sin against your body.  What fills your daughters and sons mind?  What has access to their minds and bodies?  Do you have parental controls on their mobile devices, tv, friends, eating habits, attitude, attire, etc?  We have to teach them to password protect themselves from things and people which defile or create sin against their body which also includes their mind.

What type of passwords will you create for yourself and your family to safeguard your minds, your bodies and spirits?  Don’t password protect everything else and not yourself and those you love!